Miyazaki Mango [1p]

Brix:15 -
Mangoes from Miyazaki prefecture with a sugar content of 15 degrees or more. Size 4 L.
When the ripe is near, wrap each fruit with net one by one so as not to miss that moment, wait for nature to fall into the net with ripened fruit. By harvesting after ripe, it becomes Miyazaki mango with a rich taste, mellowness of pulp and a rich fragrance.
A dish selected carefully such as size and sugar content. It is also recommended for gifts. Shipment from JA Miyazaki center.
Sw: Sweetness / Ac: Acidity / Ri: Richness / Fi: Firmness
■ Product Name: Miyazaki Mango [1p]
■ Production place: Miyazaki
■ Size: 120 x 60(mm)
■ Shipment time: From the beginning of April to the end of July
One point explanation
Irwin kind. It is the largest size in Miyazaki Mango.