Muscat of Alexandria <1p>

Brix:18 -
It is a luxury grape with a rich flavor and aroma, which is elegant and has become a parent of many varieties. It was popularized in Okayama Prefecture as a glass room grape. Originally from Egypt, it was introduced in Japan from the Meiji era in 5 years and has a gracefulness as a high-grade fruit with mask melon. The fruits are large and the peel is a little peelable. It is characterized by pulp with moderate sourness in sweetness and rich fragrance peculiar to Muscat when ripe. Please note that there are species.
Sw: Sweetness / Ac: Acidity / Ri: Richness / Fi: Firmness
■ Product Name: Muscat of Alexandria <1p>
■ Production place: Okayama
■ Shipment time: From the end of May to the end of September

¥8,000 (excluding tax)