New Pione Grape (2 pcs)

Brix:15 -
Okayama prefecture is the place of production of New Pione, the best in Japan. Currently, I sell seedless Pione as "New Pione". Each grain is large and characterized by soft and fresh meat. And refined fragrance, refreshing flavor. A grape with good balance of sweetness and sourness.
We conduct strict examination of the weight of the tress, weight of 1 grain, sugar content, peel color, etc, and will be shipped in order from those with the sugar content exceeding the fixed value as the sourness progresses. Brix degree 15 degrees. Bunch 15 cm, 600 ℊ.

Sw: Sweetness / Ac: Acidity / Ri: Richness / Fi: Firmness
■ Product Name: New Pione Grape (2 pcs)
■ Production place: Okayama
■ Shipment time: From the end of July to the end of October
One point explanation
It is a product of a rapidly rising popularity. Please enjoy by cooling in the refrigerator.

¥4,500 (tax included)