Pione Grape (2 pcs)

Brix:15 -
Pione from Yamanashi Prefecture. I am multiplying Koumo with Kanon Hall Muscat. Moderate sour taste and rich taste like Muscat with high sugar content like gigantic peak. The sugar content is more than 15 degrees, fruit juice is many and it is solid and it keeps it long as it is actually large. The outer skin is hard to peel somewhat, but it is easy to eat because there is no seed.
It is also recommended for gifts.

■ Product Name: Pione Grape (2 pcs)
■ Production place: Yamanashi
■ Shipment time: From the end of June to the end of October
One point explanation
It is a product of a rapidly rising popularity. Please enjoy by cooling in the refrigerator.

¥3,800(tax included)