Peach [6pcs]

Brix:10 -
The fruits are spherical and have a beautiful appearance and the flesh is white. The weight is also around 200g. It is characterized by a lot of sweetness and little acidity. Peel plenty of juice and peel it off. If the peach is too cold it will not feel sweet. Please eat in the refrigerator 1-2 hours before eating. We will respond to various messages.
Sw: Sweetness / Ac: Acidity / Ri: Richness / Fi: Firmness
■ Peach [6 pcs]
■ Production place: Yamanashi
■ Size: 800(mm)
■ Shipment time: June - August
One point explanation
Please eat in the refrigerator two to three hours before you cool and enjoy it. If you cool too much, sweetness will fall out so vegetable room is recommended.

¥4,350 (excluding tax)