Ise Oboro Towel Set

Spinning in Mie's tradition, Ise's dyed dyed
It features a unique soft texture and a dazzling shade of "Otoro Towel" originating in Mie Prefecture, finished elegantly with traditional color "Shellfish", expressing the dignity of the land of Ise.
Since ancient times people have longed for long from the beauty and rarity of their colors, and in the ancient western world, it was believed that "power lives" in things dyed with shellfish .
Fluffy and lightly soft texture, original gemstone towel that used fine thread count. Sticking to "comfortable texture", for over a hundred years since birth, reliable quality has been protected by our own integrated production.
1 set of face towels and 1 hand towel. One set can be shipped. Please allow as soon as possible as it takes 1 week to report.

■ Product Name: Ise Oboro Towel Set
■ Material: 100% cotton
■ Size: 200×250×50
One point explanation
Ideal for souvenirs.