Fuji apple <6pcs>

Fuji apple representing Japan. Domestic production volume It is the most popular variety in Japan. It was kindly registered in 1962 as a result of crossing "Kunimitsu" and "Delicious". It is currently popular abroad and cultivated in China and the United States.
Preservability is excellent with margin cultivation (growing with a bag covered), plenty of fruit juice, a slightly elegant texture. It is an apple with a good balance of acidity and sweetness. Brix degree is 12 degrees or more. More than 8 cm in size.
Careful selection of apple experts in the Tokyo prefecture wholesale market.
This time we will deliver the early Fuji shipped this year.

Sw: Sweetness / Ac: Acidity / Ri: Richness / Fi: Firmness
■ Product Name:
■ Production place: Aomori
■ Size: 80x80 (mm)
■ Shipment time: From the end of September to May
One point explanation
It is a product of a rapidly rising popularity. Please enjoy by cooling in the refrigerator. Since apple can be expected to be effective in preventing various diseases, "fruit without physician" is exactly what. Pectin of water-soluble dietary fiber contained in many apples promotes digestion and balances gastric acid. Apples are good for constipation and diarrhea. One type of polyphenol contained in apple "catechin" has antioxidant effect, it can be expected for hypertension, cancer prevention and prevention of aging. "Quercetin" which is also a kind of polyphenol is also effective for arteriosclerosis and cancer prevention.