Kyoho Grape (2 pcs)

Brix:17 -
It is a seedless giant peak in Yamanashi prefecture, where the fruits are produced. The berries are larger at a height of 400 mm or more, the sugar content is 17 degrees or more, the peel is purple black and easy to peel off from the pulp. It has a lot of sweetness and less acidity, and there are no seeds so it is easy to eat.
Fructose is the main ingredient of glucose and fructose, which absorbs quickly in the body and is converted into energy very efficiently, it is the best fruit for recovery from fatigue.

■ Product Name: Kyoho Grape (2 pcs)
■ Production place: Yamanashi
■ Shipment time: During the middle of May - October
One point explanation
It is a product of a rapidly rising popularity. Please enjoy by cooling in the refrigerator.

¥4,200(tax included)