Benishuho Cherry

Brix:20 -
Early summer fruit cherries. This is Hong Xiangfeng, which will be shipped from early July. The peel and the fruit actually have a good texture and little sour taste. The sugar content is 20 degrees or more and it is a crispy taste of a thick cherry. Because it is open-field cultivation, I am somewhat sunny. 2 L size 400g · sugar content 20 degrees or more. We will ship after checking whether there is a collapse etc in our shop. It is also recommended for gifts.
Sw: Sweetness / Ac: Acidity / Ri: Richness
■ Product Name: Benishuho
■ Production place: Yamagata Prefecture
■ Size:20 x 20 (mm)
■ Shipment time: June
One point explanation
Please enjoy in the refrigerator.

Benishuho cherry
2L size 400g